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Youth versus experience

October 10, 2013

As I’ve been writing the 5th book of the Full Swap series, which will catch us up on our adventures thus far, I’ve realized that there is definitely something to be said when it comes to youth versus experience.

The thing is, it sounds hot to be with people — especially girls — that are really young. My husband would agree, seeing as how we’re several years apart. When we first met, I couldn’t even legally drink. So when we search for a new couple, it’s hard to resist youth. If we were looking for a couple to hang out with on a regular basis, that would be one thing. But simply getting them into bed? Robbing the cradle is absolutely enticing. Everything is new and fresh. Not only their bodies, but also their experiences. Showing a couple what is really possible during sex can be quite an attractive prospect.

The biggest negative aspect of this is the same as one of the positives — experience. Although it may be enticing to be with a young couple for nothing more than their age and the fact that nothing’s started to get saggy or wrinkly yet, many young couples don’t know what they’re doing. They know that the penis goes into the vagina, and they’ve watched some porn, but there’s much to it than that. An older couple, one that has a bit more experience in life itself, not just sex, can lead to a more enjoyable time. For the most part, they’ll also be quite a bit more mature and less nervous when you get together.

Of course, you really have to go with your gut and maybe get a little risky, because there are no guarantees. If you have a bad time once or twice, that comes with the territory. It’s best to feel out each couple on an individual basis. I’ve found that some older guys can be quite crude from the get-go, whereas the younger guys are excited just to have sex in the first place, not to mention seeing their girl being intimate with another girl.

When in doubt, talk it over with your significant other and make a decision together.



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  1. how true…

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