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My husband performs just fine, thank you very much

April 14, 2013

Not long after my husband and I entered the swinging lifestyle, a close friend told his girlfriend about it. She didn’t say much at first, but later down the road, she made a snide little comment about my husband. I can’t remember the context, but she mentioned how Jeff needed “help” in the bedroom (in the form of a second guy).

I ignored the comment, because it was clear that this woman just didn’t get it. She couldn’t conceive of a reason as to why my husband (or any guy) would allow his woman to fuck another man while he watched. What’s really hilarious about this is that this close friend was the first single guy we ever brought in, and this was while he was with this girl who questioned my husband’s manliness. In fact, this guy actually got us into the whole swinging thing because he prompted us to have sex in front of him while we were drinking (something he had hinted that he wanted to do long before that night). What we did was wrong — I don’t like the fact that he cheated on his girlfriend to be with us (we later had him over and he joined in) — but it wasn’t the first time he strayed and it wouldn’t be the last. My husband and I felt guilty afterwards, but our friend said “leave the guilt to me.”

Despite what this woman, and others, believe, it’s not about getting help in the bedroom. My husband is pretty well endowed. To me, he’s perfect. He’s about 7 inches long, which is great, because I don’t like long cocks. But it’s his thickness that really stands out. In a later post, I’ll discuss this, not to show off, but because the way in which we refer to his girth is quite funny. One single guy who we brought in even called him The Girth King, which was a bit awkward. Anyway…

Bringing an extra person into your bedroom, whether it’s a man, woman, couple, or monkey, has nothing to do with either person being unable to perform (I might be wrong about the monkey … my husband can’t swing on trees, after all). It’s about sharing the experience. It’s about trusting someone you love to the point where sexual contact with another person doesn’t make you jealous, angry, or resentful. And sometimes, especially when it comes to joining a couple, it’s simply about fucking someone new … but without all the inherent problems that could come from that in a different situation.

I love watching my husband with another woman, because I know what it’s like to have his thick cock inside me, and I can imagine what she’s feeling at the time. Same goes for Jeff, and how he enjoys allowing another man to touch his wife, and what the guy gets to experience. When we first started swinging, we were nervous. We thought things might change, despite discussing it for quite some time beforehand. What we found, though, is that the experience brought us closer together.

The lifestyle isn’t for everyone. But saying that my husband needs help in the bedroom shows an ignorance toward the lifestyle. I would never attack this girl for what she said, because she simply doesn’t know what it’s really all about, but making a snide comment is unwarranted and absolutely incorrect.


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  1. Great post. Thanks

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