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First novel release

April 11, 2013

Well, it looks like I was wrong about having two series of books that I was working on. I actually have three. I had forgotten about a short story that I had started a while back about a gangbang. Although I have never been involved in one, I have definitely watched a lot of porn. Plus, I am a geek at heart (Buffy, Harry Potter, anime). I’m not one of those geeks who dress up every year and pretend to be a geek so that fanboys will visit their website and make them money. No, I’m the kind of girl who will make a day of taking a trip to Hollywood to visit shooting locations from various movies and TV shows.

Therefore, I have decided to release this book ahead of the others, mostly because it will be a series of three short stories (between 4000 and 5000 words each), which means I can finish them much more quickly than the others. This will allow me to get my feet wet in the art of self-publishing. For the past two days, I have been vigorously writing and rewriting, plus designing my own book cover and figuring out how to put it on Amazon.

The series itself will be called The Gangbang Geek Trilogy. The first volume will be subtitled Bridgett’s Cosplay Adventure. It’s about a young girl who gets introduced to the gangbang world when she attends a comic book convention. My writing style doesn’t really lend itself to the genre (I find the descriptions they use to be silly and overdone), but it will definitely be a little funny and very hot.

My goal is to have it released tomorrow evening, if I can get everything squared away.


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