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A short introduction

April 7, 2013

Hi. My name is Shannon Eldridge and this is my blog.

As you might have gleaned from the title, I am in the swinger lifestyle with my husband. I decided to blog about some of our experiences, and maybe even some details of our personal life in order to demonstrate that we are two very normal people. We are not freaks (except maybe in the bedroom), nor are we socially awkward, sexually repressed, suicidal, or any of those other things that swingers are sometimes labeled.

At this very moment, I am writing two series of books, both of which concern this lifestyle. The first is a true life account of how we got into the lifestyle and some of the adventures we’ve had. The second will be a form of fiction, but will also incorporate various details of what we’ve experienced, plus a number of elements that we have envisioned possibly happening one day.

As for this particular blog, we’ll also be posting about starting in the lifestyle, ways to protect yourself, etc. We may even be able to convince some people that it’s not as terrible or disturbing as they might believe.


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  1. All the best Shannon!

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